How to maintain the laser cutting machine in winter

Dear customers:

Thank you very much for choosing HG STAR’s laser equipment!

As winter approaches and temperatures drop, our equipment needs to be protected from water cooler and laser source malfunctions.

Damage caused by environmental factors or failure to take proper protective measures is not covered by the warranty, so we would like to send you some precautions to help you avoid damage to the laser and water cooler components due to freezing and expansion (caused by low temperatures).

1. The normal operating temperature of the laser source is 25±1℃, and the water cooler is set at 25±3℃.

2. Water cooler generally uses pure water or deionized water.

3. If the equipment is not used for a long time, the cooling water inside the cooling system and inside the laser source should be emptied, otherwise it will cause irrecoverable damage.

4. In winter we recommend the use of laser antifreeze. Note: Not car antifreeze, but laser-specific antifreeze. Please add antifreeze appropriately according to the local temperature to avoid damage to the laser equipment due to icing of the coolant.

5. Recommended to use laser antifreeze, such as CLARIANT antifreeze, the main components are ethylene glycol and propylene glycol. In case of emergency, ethanol can be used for short-term, adding a certain amount of ethanol to deionized water or pure water, while ensuring that the water cooler is always in a coolant circulation state with the temperature not lower than the freezing point and without stopping the power.

6. Since any antifreeze can not replace pure water and can not be used for a long time throughout the year, after winter, please use deionized water or pure water to clean the pipeline and resume the use of deionized water or pure water as coolant.

Based on the minimum temperature in your area, please mix the water and antifreeze according to the following reference ratios:

Minimum temperature(℃) Antifreeze Water
-10 3 7
-20 4 6
-30 5 5
-40 6 4

Coolant replacement process:

1. Shut down the equipment and empty the original coolant from the cooler

2. First add 20% pure water to the cooler, then add special antifreeze, and finally fill the cooler with pure water

3. Turn on the cooler to work for 5-10 minutes after the cycle and then turn on the machine to work

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