Industry Applications of Industrial Laser Cutter (1)

The main application of industrial laser cutter in the construction machinery industry is plate processing, generally using CO2 industrial laser cutting machine or fiber industrial laser cutting machine.

Cutting applications mainly include slender workpieces, plate parts with more holes, sheet metal parts reservation process gaps, sheet metal templates and drilling samples.
Six significant advantages of industrial laser cutter
The significant advantages of laser cutter compared with other cutting equipment are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1. Fast cutting speed, good cutting quality and high precision.
2. Narrow slit, smooth cutting surface, workpiece will not be damaged.
3. Not affected by the shape of the workpiece, not affected by the hardness of the material being cut.
4. In addition to processing metal materials, non-metallic materials can also be cut.
5. Save mold investment, save materials, and save costs more effectively.
6. Simple operation, safety, stable performance, improve the speed of new product development, with a wide range of adaptability and flexibility.
Application of industrial laser cutter in slender workpieces
Industrial laser cutter because of its cutting heat is relatively concentrated, the heat affected area of the workpiece is small, construction machinery industry using industrial laser cutting machine cutting workpiece can effectively control the thermal deformation of the workpiece, especially for the requirements of straightness of the slender workpiece effect is better, when the length of the workpiece reaches more than 5500mm, The “microconnection” function of the cutting machine itself can be used to effectively control the straightness of the workpiece.
Application of industrial laser cutter in plate with more holes
In the construction machinery industry, laser cutting round holes, in the face of a specific plate thickness, as long as the diameter of the workpiece is greater than or equal to the corresponding minimum diameter value, and the roughness and diameter requirements can be used to directly cut the material within the guaranteed capacity of the cutting machine, eliminating the drilling process, and improving labor production efficiency.
For some workpieces with more holes, the laser dot function is used to determine the position of the hole, saving the time of positioning the hole for the drilling process of the subsequent hole, and saving the production cost of the drilling template, which not only improves the production efficiency, but also improves the accuracy of the product.
Sum up
Industrial laser cutter has a wide range of applications in the construction machinery industry, which can achieve high precision, high efficiency and high quality pipe cutting and processing. With the continuous progress of industrial technology and the increasing demand for applications, industrial laser cutter will be more widely used and developed in the future.

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