Processing and Application of Electronic Components for New Energy Vehicles

The emergence of new technologies such as new energy vehicles, intelligent driving, and vehicle networking has transformed cars from simple transportation tools into highly integrated mobile smart terminals. In this process, electronic components for automobiles play a crucial role as they are the key support for implementing these advanced technologies.


The electronic components industry provides corresponding component products for the automobile manufacturing industry, serving as the foundation for the development of the automobile industry and an important part of the automobile supply chain. A typical car consists of four main parts: the engine, chassis, body, and electrical equipment. Various segmented products within the automobile component industry are derived from these. In the field of new energy vehicles, the introduction of core components such as batteries and motors has led to changes in the types and quantities of automobile components.


The rapid penetration of new energy vehicles has also driven the expansion of automobile components towards electrification, intelligence, and lightweighting. The development of electric vehicles has had a significant impact on traditional fuel vehicles, forcing automobile component companies to accelerate their pace of technological innovation and product upgrades.


Currently, under the advancement of smart technology, autonomous driving is continuously evolving, leading to increased consumer demands for products. Smart, lightweight, and miniaturized designs have become mainstream in development, with a growing emphasis on precision in manufacturing processes.


As refinement, high-density, and high-performance trends continue, the non-contact, lossless processing of precision laser are increasingly applied within the automobile electronic components industry. HGTECH closely follows the trend of intelligent manufacturing, striving to create smart factories one-stop solutions , reducing production costs, and enhancing product quality and production efficiency for new energy vehicle manufacturing.

Automobile Electronic Components – Laser Marking

  • Laser marking provides unique advantages for electric vehicle manufacturing:
  • Laser systems feature self-protection temperature switches and comprehensive alarm mechanisms.
  • Utilizes a “cold” processing method, suitable for a wide range of materials; ensures stable product quality.
  • UV series suitable for marking various materials including plastics, metal, and glass; CO2 series applicable for marking, cutting, and perforating various non-metal materials.

            Fiber Marking System                                            UV Marking Equipment                                     CO2 Marking Equipment
            Automobile Structural                                             Automobile Connectors                                     Automobile Leather
       Components Metal Marking                                            Plastic Marking                                                  Plastic Marking

Automobile Electronic Components – Laser Welding

Laser welding provides unique advantages for electric vehicle manufacturing:
  • Excellent light beam quality ensures high welding quality and superior sealing effects
  • Coaxial gas protection device ensures consistent welding quality.
  • Highly integrated modular design facilitates automation.
  • High depth-to-width ratio enables both spot welding and continuous welding of metals.

  CW Continuous                                                                 QCW                                                       MOPA
         Laser Welding Equipment                                          Laser Welding Equipment                       Metal Welding Equipment
                 Automobile Camera                                         Automobile Connector                           Automobile Metal Sheet
Solenoid Valve Welding                                              Pin Welding                                        Welding

               Constant Temperature                                               Automatic Wire Loading                                  Automatic Solder Ball Jetting
Solder Paste Laser Welding                                             Welding Equipment                                         Welding Equipment
                Electronic Component                                 Automobile PCB Board Welding                          Automobile Camera Welding
                                      Pin Welding


  • Power Battery

  • Solenoid Valve

  • Sensor

  • Flat Wire Motor

  • Camera Radar

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