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Since 2000, driven by the favorable situation of sustained national macroeconomic development, the automobile industry has entered a period of rapid development. The rapid development of the auto industry has significantly increased China’s position in the international auto market and has begun to become an important part of the world auto industry. Automotive industry solutions.jpg

The rapid development of the automotive industry cannot be achieved without advanced manufacturing technologies. Laser welding, laser cutting technology with high energy, high precision, high adaptability and other characteristics in the automotive industry is widely used, Europe and the United States industrial countries 50%-70% of automotive parts are completed with laser processing. Automotive laser cutting and laser welding technology is not only a technical guarantee for the development of new automotive products, but also an indispensable technical means for high quality and low cost production.

As a leader in domestic laser technology, farleylaserlab has maintained a good long-term relationship with many automobile manufacturers, providing advanced automotive laser cutting and welding solutions for the automotive industry. In the automotive industry, with the continuous improvement of technical level and service capability, it has won the recognition of more and more automotive companies.

In 2016, farleylaserlab won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award with the project of “Key Processes and Complete Sets of Equipment for High-Quality and High-Efficiency Laser Welding and Cutting in Automotive Manufacturing”; in 2014, “Key Technologies and Equipment for High-Power Laser Cutting and Welding in Automotive Manufacturing “The outstanding contribution of farleylaserlab in the field of automotive manufacturing has greatly enhanced the competitiveness of China’s national brands. The competitiveness of China’s national brand cars.

Solution recommendation

Auto body-in-white top cover laser automatic welding equipment

Farleylaserlab auto body-in-white welding system has high processing accuracy and stable quality, can automatically identify multiple models, automatically grab the corresponding fixture and call the relevant program for processing, realize the body-in-white fast positioning, laser brazing, welding and handling industrial robot applications and other technologies into one, the welding speed can reach 4.8 m/min, which is improved by 30%, the process cost is reduced by 40%, and the body stiffness is increased by 30% It can meet the needs of online production, greatly improving the speed of automotive welding and weld quality, making the body welding production line automated and intelligent, with technical indicators reaching the world’s forefront. As a national major science and technology special project, the equipment has been successfully applied to a variety of medium and high-end models in PSA’s global Wuhan plant.

Automotive airbag panel laser weakening equipment

The auto airbag panel laser weakening equipment developed by Farleylaserlab, which integrates automatic loading and unloading laser processing, combines robot technology with laser weakening process, with excellent indicators and performance, precisely controls the remaining thickness, and takes less than one minute to produce one airbag panel, replacing traditional processing means such as injection molding weakening and cold knife weakening.

Technical features.

● Pre-positioning device to ensure processing accuracy

● Precise weakening process to ensure the accuracy, stability and repeatability of the weakening depth

● Traceability of production data

Auto airbag liner laser welding equipment

The airbag eruption is controlled by a gas generator, and the eruption occurs when the oxidation reaction occurs, generating a large amount of gas and producing the eruption. Therefore, the airbag liner has a very high requirement for sealing, and at the same time, during the processing of the liner, overheating needs to be avoided, and laser welding is a very suitable processing means.

Technical features.

● Large weld depth, up to 2-3mm, high welding strength, small heat affected zone, and small welding deformation

● High degree of automation, easy to control, fast speed

● High welding accuracy, good stability of repeated operation, high yield rate

● Non-contact processing, no need for welding auxiliary tools

No welding electrode or filler material is required for welding, and impurity-free and pollution-free welds can be obtained.

Auto bumper laser welding equipment

Auto bumpers are shaped parts, which are very complicated by traditional stamping method and the parts are easy to produce deformation and stress, by using laser method, no complex fixture system is needed, no processing stress, no deformation in the cut, and more suitable for later processing and installation.

Technical features.

● Laser welding process is advanced, which can improve the welding quality and its welded joints have high strength and can reach the same strength as the base material.

● Stable performance, good repeatability and reliability of laser welding equipment, and beautiful welded joints.

● Due to the flatness of laser welding, the welded workpiece will not damage other parts during the production process.

Laser welding equipment for automotive exhaust pipes

Laser welding is a process that uses a focused high-energy laser beam to melt and join materials to form an excellent weld head.

Laser welding has the characteristics of fast welding speed, small workpiece deformation, large welding fusion ratio, fine grain, simple post-welding treatment and good weld quality, which can weld homogeneous or heterogeneous materials or refractory materials in various special environments.

Automotive gear laser welding equipment

Laser welding of automotive gears is a development trend. Currently, major automobile manufacturers around the world are competing to adopt laser welding of gears to replace resistance welding, induction welding, electron beam welding and other process methods in order to improve the competitiveness of their products in the international market.

Laser welding of gears does not need to be carried out in a vacuum, which can avoid welding deformation, and the welded gears do not need to be refined again, gear welding can not only reduce the number of parts, but also improve the quality of gears and reduce the manufacturing cost of gears.

Farleylaserlab laser welding can make the weld depth to width ratio as high as 10:1, and the weld has comprehensive mechanical properties equivalent or better than the base material, ensuring that the gear can transmit larger torque.

Car trunk laser welding equipment

The trunk consists of the luggage compartment lid and the rear panel, which are formed with a 90-degree angle and are therefore welded using laser brazing. Traditionally, trunk welding is carried out by MlG brazing. Since the trunk material is usually galvanized sheet, the low heat input of MlG brazing is used to solve the problems caused by the massive burnout of the galvanized layer, but the high welding speed of MlG brazing and the instability of the arc at low current limit its efficiency and quality. The surface is smooth. In addition, MlG brazing is difficult to form a smooth weld and is more contaminated. The use of laser brazing is high welding speed, good weld formation, stable quality, less galvanized layer burn loss, and small deformation.

Three-dimensional laser cutting equipment

The three-dimensional laser cutting machine launched by Farleylaserlab replaces the traditional processing method, reduces the investment in tooling, greatly shortens the development cycle of automobile manufacturers and parts supporting suppliers, improves the processing efficiency and the accuracy of workpieces, and reduces production costs.

Due to the above-mentioned advantages of 3D laser cutting, its widely used in the automotive industry, it can easily and quickly realize the three-dimensional trimming and punching of automotive cover parts, and also replace the trimming and punching molds in some small batch trial production, and even completely replace the trimming and punching process of some parts of the production models by 3D laser cutting.

In September 2017, Farleylaserlab launched AUTOBOT3015 3D laser cutting machine for automotive thermoforming parts, a 3D five-axis laser processing equipment specially developed for automotive thermoforming line industry, which can solve the problems of cutting holes and trimming of high-strength steel thermoforming parts with high precision, fast speed and good dynamic performance, equipped with high-performance rotary table, which can meet the beat requirements of automotive industry.

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