State Councilor Wang Yong Inspecting HGTECH – HGSTAR

State Councilor Wang Yong Inspecting HGTECH – HGSTAR

On September 26, State Councilor Wang Yong inspected HGTECH – HGSTAR, accompanied by Ying Yong, Secretary of Hubei provincial Party committee, during his investigation of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises in Hubei Province.

Wang Yong learned about the innovation and breakthrough of the company’s core business after the successful completion of school enterprise restructuring, and praised the development and progress of the company from time to time.

Weng Jieming, deputy director of SASAC of the State Council; Cao Guangjing, vice governor of Hubei Province, Cheng Yongwen, deputy secretary and mayor of Wuhan municipal Party committee, Wang Xiangwang, member of the Standing Committee of Wuhan municipal Party committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of East Lake high tech Zone, and Wang Jianguo, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Wuhan commerce and trade group, accompanied the inspection.

In the exhibition hall of HGTECH – HGSTAR Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park (future city park), Ma Xinqiang, Secretary of the Party committee, chairman and President of the company, reported on the development of HGTECH – HGSTAR connection, perception and intelligent manufacturing business and the innovative achievements achieved. He said that at the beginning of this year, HGTECH – HGSTAR completed the separation and restructuring of schools and enterprises, and the problems such as lengthy decision-making process and lack of incentive mechanism that once constrained the development of the company are gradually eliminated.

At this stage, the company actively focuses on downstream application scenarios such as “new infrastructure, new materials, new energy, industrial digital intelligence and new four modernizations of automobiles” and aims at “domestic substitution and global leadership”, We have developed a number of products and solutions with high technical content and high added value.

Under the background of “self-reliance and self-improvement in science and technology as the strategic support for national development”, HGTECH – HGSTAR adheres to “innovation first”, takes the customer as the center, and takes the lead in forming a layout of “a complete industrial chain integrating key components (devices), whole machine R & D, intelligent manufacturing solution design based on laser equipment and implementation” in the industry to help machinery manufacturing, bridge manufacturing The transformation and upgrading of key areas of the national economy such as automobile industry, consumer electronics and communication networks have been actively integrated into the new development pattern of “focusing on the domestic big cycle and mutual promotion of international and domestic double cycles”.

During the visit, Wang Yong pointed out that as a high-tech enterprise, we should adhere to winning with science and technology and strengthening the enterprise with talents, focus on key core technologies and the commanding heights of future competition, increase resource investment, strengthen collaborative research, strive to build an industrial top soldier, strive for world-class, and accelerate the improvement of the independent and controllable level of the industrial chain supply chain.

Before leaving, Wang Yong encouraged HGTECH – HGSTAR : “you are at the forefront of national laser innovation and application, and you should make persistent efforts to be stronger and better.”

Deng Jiake, general manager of HGLASER, the core subsidiary of HGTECH – HGSTAR, and Wang Jiangang, deputy general manager of HGLASER, attended the reception.

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