The Global Plastic Welding Market Continues To Grow

Increase of market demand for high-quality plastic welding

Laser plastic welding is increasingly widely used in many industrial fields, including medical, automotive and electronic packaging. The connection demand between plastics and plastics, plastics and metals will continue to promote the development of the global laser plastic welding market. There are more and more applications of laser plastic welding, especially in the development of products made of thermosensitive materials. In addition, large-area laminate is also another driving force for the development of laser plastic welding. In short, the market demand for laser plastic welding will continue to grow, because this connection method can provide the best welding strength and shorter welding time.

Some commonly used plastic welding technologies include ultrasonic vibration welding and hot plate welding. Rotary welding, radio frequency welding, implant welding, infrared welding, etc. At present, product developers and companies in the laser plastic welding market are committed to introducing new product designs and improving the overall efficiency and performance of the welding process. Laser plastic welding has become an ideal solution for creating permanent connections.

Technological progress meets more needs

The technological progress of laser plastic welding system is one of the key factors to attract a large number of end users. The leading manufacturer of laser plastic welding is making continuous efforts to design and manufacture high-precision laser plastic welding machines. Key manufacturers are investing heavily in the development of narrow beam laser systems, which will help the whole welding process.

The medical industry will provide gratifying opportunities

In recent years, the market demand for various plastic medical devices has risen sharply. The driving force behind the sharp growth of demand is mainly the improvement of medical facilities and the rapid growth of personal medical expenditure. The rapid development of the medical industry in key regions such as North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region has provided gratifying opportunities for manufacturers of laser plastic welding machines. Recently, product developers and companies in the laser plastic welding market are also paying more and more attention to the opportunities in the medical industry.

Although the cost of laser welding equipment is relatively higher than other welding equipment, its unique versatility makes it an ideal choice for medical applications, especially in the medical device industry. (1) Cleanliness: medical equipment needs a clean connection method. Laser welding can achieve cleaner welding without touching and without drying agent. (2) Good surface finish: laser plastic welding can provide nearly perfect welding surface finish. (3) Strong welding function: laser plastic welding is suitable for assembling and connecting materials made of a wide range of materials. Various parts of different sizes and shapes. (4) Precision welding: Because laser plastic welding requires that the vibration and relative motion between two parts are negligible, it can connect precision parts without causing damage.

In the past decade, the use of laser plastic welding has continued to grow in the assembly of in vitro diagnostics (IVD) and microfluidic devices, and this trend may continue. Companies engaged in laser plastic welding are committed to meeting the design requirements of customers. It is expected that the demand for laser plastic welding systems in the global medical industry will continue to increase during the forecast period

The continuous demand of the automobile industry promotes market growth

Although the healthcare industry will still be the main end application industry of laser plastic welding, it is expected that the rapid growth of the automobile industry will promote the development of the laser plastic welding market, and the automobile industry is expected to occupy the highest market share.

The amount of plastic used in the automobile industry has been increasing, because plastic materials can not only reduce the manufacturing cost of automobiles, but also reduce the weight of vehicles, which is crucial under the theme of advocating automobile lightweight. Manufacturers in the automobile industry usually use low-light profile welding to connect plastic parts inside and outside the automobile, because laser welding can provide excellent welding quality and welding accuracy. Laser plastic welding can not only form a high-precision strong connection, but also have no impact on the sensitive components close to the welding area, which is also the stringent demand of the automobile industry for laser plastic welding.

In addition, consumers around the world continue to pursue the beauty of cars, which is creating a lot of business opportunities for manufacturers. In addition, the increasing purchasing power of the general public for automobiles is also one of the important factors to promote the growth of the laser plastic welding market.

The welding between plastics and metals gains momentum

Metal industrial products are used firmly, but plastic is light and easy to form. All kinds of plastic and metal products have been widely used in industry due to their respective electrical safety properties. In recent years, the connection between metal and plastic has received great attention from the market. At present, there are many ways to connect metal and plastic together, such as rivets, adhesives and some other connection methods.

However, laser assisted metal-plastic connection (LAMP) technology has a short connection time. The connector is stable for a long time. High degree of automation. Without the advantages of adhesives and rivets, it has been widely used worldwide. In addition, the LAMP method can also use plastic as the intermediate connecting plate. Connect two different metals together to prevent local electro-physical corrosion in the metal. In the forecast period, LAMP method can more effectively connect metal and plastic products than other conventional methods, which is also one of the factors promoting the growth of laser plastic welding market.

Potential opportunities in emerging markets

Laser plastic welding system is mainly used in electronic and electrical, medical, automobile manufacturing and other industries. The demand for advanced laser plastic welding systems in these industries has been growing, because laser welding can achieve three-dimensional and complex shape welding. In the past decade, important terminal application industries such as medical, electronic and electrical have achieved healthy growth, and it is expected that this growth trend will continue in the forecast period.

In addition, the growth of low-light plastic welding market is not only in mature markets such as North America and Europe, but also in developing countries such as China and India. The rapid development of medical and electronic industries in these countries is expected to have a positive impact on the demand for laser machines in the next few years.

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